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    Family Pictures 2017

    January 17, 2018

    GUYSSSSSSS…. My friend did it again. She took FREAKING AMAZING pictures of us. Like Holy Crap! they are so so good. so I’m just gonna share….some ( not all) of them with you.. because I’m pretty sure you’re all itching to see them…HAHA74678384452547


    yeah. ¬†These are Real life…

    1. OMG my kids
    2. that man of mine…ūüėć
    3. um, can I make that first picture the screen saver to my laptop….weird? vain? whatever I’m doing it.

    I just look at them in drool. like seriously drool. I have some pretty talented friends, and a absolutely beautiful family!!

    Now I must go have another cup of ice…. Because its an addiction, and I’m no quitter ūüėČ


    Outfit Details:

    My Velvet skirt (also available in plus sizes)

    My white top¬†( this isn’t the exact top I wore, but I almost got this one, its super cute too!!!

    Leopard shoes¬†again, these aren’t the exact ones… because I got my over a year ago. But these are Super cute! ¬†currently adding to my cart!

    If you Have questions about what everyone else is wearing Just comment or email me!





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