About Me

suzanne about meI’m Suzanne! I started this blog to document my freckly life adventures and my obsessions.

Here’s what to know about me:

I have two crazy and hilarious girls, one slightly off-kilter dog, and one crossfit obsessed husband.  To all the other wives to crossfit obsessed husbands… I feel ya!  I mean I don’t mind the results but can we talk about something else, like brownies?

I believe in brownies for breakfast, lunch, and hopefully dinner.

I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and I hate the heat. In fact, I can only live in AZ because of the heaven sent invention of AIR CONDITIONING!!! Straight up, if you tell me you love the heat I’m thinking these things:

  1. You’re an alien
  2. You’re from Iceland and never see the sun
  3. You’re crazy and I need to run away from you as fast as I can, back to my AC

I am a natural red head (thanks mom) and I hate pants.  OK, I think that covers the basics!  I have a lot to share, especially when it comes to the things I love, like family, fashion, DIY, gardening, cooking (mostly eating), and running.  OK, not running.  Ever.

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