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Sometimes you just gotta laugh

Last night I was lying in bed looking at my phone.. (I should have been sleeping but when I get to look at Facebook/Instagram uninterrupted… I DO IT!)  So, while I was browsing, my phone said I was out of storage!  I soon realized that…

November 5, 2015
Featured Style

LuLaRoe Lover

Oh LuLaRoe, how you have taken over my closet, life, most of my thoughts and, let’s be real, all of my dollars.  I became a Fashion Consultant with LuLaRoe over a year ago, when my little lottie was like… holy crap, like 6 weeks old.…

October 22, 2015

It’s Freckly Me!

YO! Welcome to my blog! I am so excited to finally be able to type without a kid strapped to my chest. Any-poop, I’m brand spanking new at this blogging gig, wait can you say poop?…. Oh well. Anyways, let’s get off the topic of…

October 22, 2015