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Family Pictures 2017

GUYSSSSSSS…. My friend did it again. She took FREAKING AMAZING pictures of us. Like Holy Crap! they are so so good. so I’m just gonna share….some ( not all) of them with you.. because I’m pretty sure you’re all itching to see them…HAHA  …

January 17, 2018
Featured Motherhood

Princess Teeth

OK guys.  I know I’ve been slacking, but you know it was Christmas, and then New Years…..then I needed to lie on my couch and just.. idk think about something else beside how much I wanted some more Oreos. I guess my New Years resolution…

January 14, 2016
Featured Motherhood

Sometimes you just gotta laugh

Last night I was lying in bed looking at my phone.. (I should have been sleeping but when I get to look at Facebook/Instagram uninterrupted… I DO IT!)  So, while I was browsing, my phone said I was out of storage!  I soon realized that…

November 5, 2015