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Affordable Oval Brushes

July 25, 2016

Ok, I know I did a post about the MORPHE brushes, and now I’m coming at you with MORE brushes… but they are totally different (I can justify almost any purchase)..

You’ve probably heard about the Artis Oval Brushes, that everyone is loving but holy cow, they are EXPENSIVE!!! I think the face brush is like…$75.. das espencive….(that was in an accent…weird?)


I really wanted to try them out but didn’t want to pay that price tag.. (I said almost any purchase)… so I went to good ol’ trusty AMAZON.com and they did follow through! Ha!

I got this set for $20 and it was on PRIME! If you’re not a Amazon Prime user… you need to be. Free 2 day shipping. Um, yes please.




Over all thoughts….they are plastic, so not super durable but for $20, it’s fine. These are SO SOFT! Like, I want to rub it all over my body, soft. However, the larger brushes are so dense that they won’t eat your product!  I really like the larger brushes the best! They put on foundation so nicely! so smooth didn’t have and streaking. I think I really like them, In fact  may have loved it… it was like a small kitten rubbing its paw all over my face.

These brushes work great with liquid products. I tried to apply bronzer and blush with the middle sized ones, and I ended up having to blend out with a regular brush because my bronzer contour made me look like Maleficent. And although that looked AMAZING on Angelina Jolie it was not cute on me!

so i would say, if you’re wanting to try them do it, I love them its all over been using to put on my foundation!. For 20$ you can’t beat it. OR even better if you can just find a set of the larger face brushes buy that. because I plan on giving the smaller eye brushes to my kids.

20$ yes. soft as a kitten paw, yes.

**Here is the link to the exact set I bought**

Awesome oval brushes

amazon y’all.  bye freckly makeup nerds… or is that just me?… gotta go take some boxes out to the garbage, the little one likes to stand in them to poop. (in a diaper). I at least need to move them out of the office. And buy a candle.


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