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Disneyland is my heart

November 24, 2015

Hello Earth!  Well, people of the Earth, because I’m pretty sure rocks can’t read and I am almost certain they don’t have internet. So, hey! What’s up peeps?

We went to DISNEYLAND!  Sorry if it seems I fell off the grid.  Basically when I go there no one talks to me, I don’t send emails, I don’t make calls, I’m just living the Disney dream with my famdamily.

Anypoop…it was awesome! All the new Star Wars stuff… mind blown! Who else is stoked for the new movie coming out on December 18th?  I plan on leaving my kids with the hubs and hitting the midnight showing.  Cause I’m a rebel.. and I think I can still stay up that late.

My kids totally love Disney, and I’ve long-conned my husband into loving it too.  It’s the best time ever!

Churros, family, fun, and Space Mountain. The end. (I’ll talk more about it in a separate post)

Now, I’ll admit I’ve been home a few days and still haven’t blogged… my bad!  But coming down from a Disneyland high takes more than just a day.. I mean, come on!  First you have to detox from churros and then start laundry. For reals, it’s rough.


This is the only family picture we took but I’ll take it!  Also, Charlotte just realize I pulled her hands out of my bee bees (boobies) so she’s not mad yet. Good timing, photographer!


My kids love the Carousel.   I’m not a total fan… it makes me dizzy and sick, but it makes them so crazy happy and that makes it totally worth every second! Unless there’s barf.  If there’s barf its not worth it.  Not at all.  Not ever.


When you tell Lottie to smile she does this.  She didn’t get that from me, by the way.  Must be on her dad’s side of the family…(side note.. this picture was taken approximately 15 minutes before she had an explosive poo that filled her pants and the entire back of this jacket with poo.  I had a hand full of poo in my hand. Needless to say I treated myself to Sephora after that.  I mean, I washed my hands first, and then went to sephora.. however I can’t promise i didn’t still smell…tmi? )

Over all, it was awesome! I have always loved Disneyland, but now going with my kids and seeing how happy it makes them makes it a million times better!  I mean, yeah, there’s more crying, and poop explosions than before… but still super rad!

This girl LOVES Splash Mountain. Every time she goes down, she’s excited then gets a little terror face on and then back to smiling. It’s hilarious!!!

Guys, you have to go to the Paint the Night parade and then the Diamond Celebration fireworks!  Seriously.  The best parade I’ve ever seen from Disney, or from anyone.  It’s seriously so good! And the fireworks… well this lady as you can see loved it. Dancing all over the place even at 10 o’clock at night! WE’RE SO HARDCORE!!

If you’re on the fence about going for the 60th, DO IT! Next year, so much of it will be under construction.. go while it’s all still open!

Do you love disney?  I would love to hear some of your stories in the comments!

May the force be with you all.

Also, I just found half a grape in my pocket. Thanks, Costco.

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