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December 1, 2015

Welcome back my freckly and non-freckly friends!!

Today I’m gonna share something super awesome with you. Something totally mind blowing and life changing. Okay, not really life changing, but it’s something I’m totally loving right now!

I used to craft like all the time. You could call me Martha Stewart, without the jail time…. but since getting married and having kids, I’ve pretty much put it to the side.  Okay, not the side more like the garbage.  My crafting game has vanished.  But..MOMMA’S BRINGING IT BACK!

I went to Home Depot for I wanna say a fridge filter and left with everything I needed to make these! Don’t worry, I got the filter too.

What had totally spawned this was my husband got out all the christmas boxes and I felt like I didn’t have enough decorations. When Christmas time comes,  my house needs to look like the stinking North Pole!!!



Honestly,  I was surprised at how easy they were!!



This was the First one I made; the tester to see if I could do it, if you would.  Since I made two more, you know it’s easy!  I decided on a heart because I was going for simple, classy and most importantly, easy.  Can you sense a theme here?… “easy” thats my first question when it comes to crafting.



For the Tree, I painted the sides of the wood with Metallic gold spray paint, and then stained the top. This might be my favorite one.  It looks so classic to me, and kind of vintage in a way. Just love it!



Last but not least!… my beloved holly. Holy cow guys, how beautiful is this!?

Because my wood piece was too big to just print something out and trace,  I had to cut my own outlines and go from there. So to make this a bit more proportioned, or if you have a specific picture you want to string, I would get a smaller piece of wood. However, I love how it turned out.  I think if it’s homemade, make it look like actual hands made it!

Also, this craft was pretty cheap (and it can be cheaper depending on the size and kind of wood) and I think it looks more expensive than it was!  This was a great stress reliever for me too. Running with the hammer, spraying paint, spending time outside and then stringing the design.  Totally zen.

I have a bunch more wood pieces so the sky is the limit.  My next one… I want it to be a surprise… but I will say, it may or may not have something to do with Star Wars…. cause I’m nerdy like that!

Off to get Livi her 3rd pickle.  And try and talk her into not putting eyeshadow on her lips.

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