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I’m Pretty Beautiful

January 27, 2016

Hello my Freckly friends.  As you know, I am a “fashion consultant” for LuLaRoe. It’s awesome! The clothes are amazing, but mostly the friends I’ve made through LuLaRoe are the best part!  This past weekend, I went on a retreat with some of the LuLaRoe reps in my area. We went to Flagstaff!

Every time I go to Flagstaff, it reminds me of when I would drive up to visit my sister Liz while she was attending NAU.  So many hilarious memories! Like when she fell down the stairs at her job. It sounds terrible, but it was so funny. And if you know Liz… she falls… A lot.

Any poop…I went up there to get inspired and to reignite my love for the business, because let’s be real; any kind of business is hard and you can easily get burned out. Hanging out with those girls was just what I needed. We talked about the things we like about each other, our strengths and our weaknesses. Needless to say, it was so fun to become closer friends over this short trip.


I mean come on, look at how beautiful all these ladies are!! Oh man, it was just so much fun. Staying up late, sharing beds, just like being back at girls camp! hahaha

Okay, now to break away from that, there is something I learned, or maybe realized, this weekend.  I don’t have the greatest self-esteem. I’m not saying I sit down and think of my faults all day long. I’m just saying I give into the comparison game; I let little things get to me about my appearance. All women do. Honestly it makes me so sad, for myself and for the others who do this to themselves. It makes me scared for my girls. I want them to always know how beautiful they are. To always think they are totally rad! (because we all are)

Wow…got a little deep there…

So after we stayed up past 1 am…which I haven’t done in a while (at least on purpose) we all got up and had breakfast, which I’m still dreaming about… how come I’ve never thought to put whipped cream on my pancakes ALL THE TIME.. like duh! Then we all went to get ready to take pictures! Guys.. two of these ladies are AMAZING photographers. Like Oh. My. Gosh!


That little lady on the left is Kendyl Hawkins. she is my mentor in LuLaRoe and I have a special place for her in my heart. She is so funny, generous, kind, humble and freaking beautiful inside and out. Seriously, I love her.  Also, she takes amazing photographs. I don’t know if she has a website, but if she does, I’ll link it.  She is the reason for almost all of my LuLaRoe pictures.

And the other pretty lady on the right is Amelia! Check out her wesbite.  Just stop now and go look… but don’t forget to come back! Okay guys, Amelia (millie) is so rad! She cracks me up so much! She is so hilarious, kind, giving and talented! I mean this girl’s a 10.  Nuff said. But she took a majority of the pictures this weekend, and holy crap.

So, the reason for all the photography love is this: I realized when you’re down on yourself, when you think you never look pretty, when you wonder why anyone would be attached to you because you’re on day 2 of pajamas, and 4 day hair, that all you have to do is look at a picture of yourself when you feel so pretty you just can’t stand it. That was me this weekend.

I was feeling like I can’t sell clothes to girls because I look like the Crypt Keeper, and then one picture was taken of me and I instantly changed. First thing that popped into my head was, “wow, I look so pretty. No way that’s me,” but it was. I Felt Beautiful.

Here are some of the pictures we took!


This last picture just makes me want to cry. Joy. I see joy. I guess the point I’m trying to convey is that if you’re feeling down on yourself, here’s something you should give a try.  Go get your pictures professionally taken. Have them taken in your favorite place. A place that makes you happy. Spend whatever you need to spend, because feeling beautiful outweighs the cost 10 fold.

Next step: BLOW THEM UP AND PRINT THEM OUT!  I am going to pick out a few..(cough) or all, and print them out and hang them in a place I will see often. Hang them where everyone can see. Just put them up!  Then, when you’re thinking, wow I smell like an onion and a sweaty gym sock had a baby, and I look like the bottom of that baby’s foot, look at the photos. Look at them and say to yourself, that’s me. And I am beautiful. or WOW..I’m so HOTT!!! My husband is so stinking lucky to have me!

Ladies, go do it.  Let’s work on feeling HOTT together! And when you do it, take a picture and send it to me! Because I want to see and tell you how amazing you look!

Peace and blessings, y’all, peace and blessings…anyone know what that’s from?… HA! Okay, but really have a TOTALLY RAD DAY! Kick some butt and feel awesome doing it!

Now i need to go change my pants, I have been sitting in Nutella this whole time.  Byeeeeee!

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