It’s Freckly Me!

October 22, 2015

tristan and suzanne


Welcome to my blog! I am so excited to finally be able to type without a kid strapped to my chest. Any-poop, I’m brand spanking new at this blogging gig, wait can you say poop?…. Oh well.

Anyways, let’s get off the topic of poop. OMG why do I keep saying poop. There it is again! Let’s move on….

That picture you see of my totally awesome face is me with my friggin hot hubby in Disneyland. Which just so happens to be my favorite place in the whole friggin world. Like seriously. I dream in Disneyland rides….

Wow my brain, let’s get to the down to the nitty gritty!…(said in nacho libre voice)

I’m Suzanne and I have Freckles. I decided to call this blog Freckly Me because I have freckles and it’s pretty much all about me! Who doesn’t love that! I’m a mommy to two fantastically busy little girls, a wife to a crossfitting husband, and an aspiring domestic diva… Haha! That’s funny and you’ll get to know why.


Holy crap. Look how beautiful my babies are!!!   I’m seriously speechless. I do wish they’d quit throwing dirt at the dog.

Genetics for the win.


why do i keep saying it!!!…

Moving on..

I live in Queen Creek, Arizona with my little brood, though I was born and raised in Phoenix.  I try to have a positive attitude about living in the desert and I do occasionally look at a cactus and say, begrudgingly… Isn’t that nice?  Truth is, I hate the heat.  I am not and never will be used to it.  I am used to air conditioning.  If that fails, I die. Probably.

Back to my positive attitude!  Nothing beats the smell of desert rain.  And I have a sincere appreciation for every single cloud I see. And winter is coming.  WINTER IS COMING! Best time of the year for an Arizonan.  It makes the summers and haboobs worth it.

This freckly blog is gonna have some good stuff in it. Because I’m super fun. Like seriously when I’m not eating cereal on my couch with my kids I like do stuff.  So, I am going to be sharing recipes, my style obsessions, crafts, giggles, frustrations, and everything in between.

So hey! Thanks for reading!  I am really excited to get this going!!!!! (Four exclamation marks…that’s excitement)

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.  I want to be able to connect with my readers, fellow mommy’s, worker bees, bloggers, and kick-ass ladies of the world in every way possible.


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