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October 22, 2015


Oh LuLaRoe, how you have taken over my closet, life, most of my thoughts and, let’s be real, all of my dollars.  I became a Fashion Consultant with LuLaRoe over a year ago, when my little lottie was like… holy crap, like 6 weeks old.  Looking back, that was probably not the best timing, but I had to be in it!!!  Side note…I always giggle when they call us “Fashion Consultants,” it’s like ok, where’s my spread in Vogue then?!? haha!  Ok, giggles aside.  Guys.  I seriously love it.

Let’s get back on track to when I got my first dress, and how it all happened from there.

So, I had just had baby Charlotte (Lottie), and I was looking for a dress to wear for her blessing. While I was hanging out, probably nursing, because that’s all I do, I saw a Facebook post from a gal who lived close by and was showcasing some of her stock. She had posted a picture of a totally beautiful floral Nicole dress, and I had to have it.  Just had to.  But when I got there, she had me try on like 5 other dresses! It was so fun, and every single dress made me feel so beautiful.  Mind you, I had just had a baby, and my body was still in total freak-out mode, so for me to feel pretty in a dress, holy crap, I was sold.

Needless to say, I left with a different dress than planned, and a need to be a LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant.  So, after some talking it over with my husband, I joined the LuLaRoe team!

Fast forward to now, I still love it.. The way people light up when they find an outfit that makes them feel beautiful and confident is incredible and I feel so happy to be a part of it.

Funny story that just popped into my super clogged brain right now… we have an item called the Cassie skirt. It’s a pencil skirt but it’s unlike any pencil skirt I’ve ever tried.

(story time)

My husband calls my bum a “Cat Butt,” simply because, well, I don’t have a bum. SO….when I tried on the Cassie skirt, my hubs was like,”uh, I really like that skirt. Like, a lot.” Needless to say, it’s become a staple in my closet. A staple as in whenever I get a new shipment I keep a new one for myself.  #CatButtProblems

Well ladies, I guess the gist my story and babbling is that you all need to check it out because for real, it’s amazing! Here is a video I made showing some of my fave outfits.


Goodbye my friends…. keep it totally awesome and extra freckly (and I’m writing this wearing my Minnie Mouse onesie and eating m&ms).

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