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July 7, 2016

Hello my freckly friends!!!

Ok ok ok, I know. It has been a hot minute since I’ve been on here.  Honestly I’m over here like…. what the crap could I write about that a million other people and their dogs haven’t already talked about…?

Wait… dogs don’t have blogs, or do they? A dog blog?  A blog about dogs? Whatever, you know what I’m saying.  SOOOO, long story short, I’m done feeling like I need something totally friggin new to talk about; I’m just going to talk/write about crap I like. I mean, it’s not crap, it’s stuff, things, activities… hahaha ok obviously it has really been a while.  I can feel my brain going faster than needed right now.


Last week I decided I needed a vacation, so I packed up my kids (Crossfit had to work so he couldn’t come) and we headed to where my stepdad lives: California.  Or more specifically, North Hollywood, or NoHo…… yeah I guess they actually call it that too. I think its weird. My sister informed me there is also a SoHo (South Hollywood) and a WeHo (West Hollywood). That one makes me giggle, haha!  Anyways, we crashed his upstairs for a whole week!

We went to the beach, shopping, walked around, ate a lot of burritos, and had a million laughs! I needed it, for sure.  I also needed the retail therapy California has to offer. So if you watch YouTube beauty videos at all, or constantly like I do… then you’ve heard of MORPHE Brushes.

MORPHE Brushes is said to have exceptional brushes at amazing prices, and I will 100% agree the prices are what got me… so I splurged… for the sake of science. Or curiosity.  Or whatever makes it seem like I didn’t take my shopping adventures too far…

I went on YouTube and looked at some videos of peoples favorite MORPHE Brushes and made a list of what to look for. I thought my game plan was solid, but then I walked into the store and said to myself…”oh crap!” My plan went out the window, and my basket was full of stuff.

Here are just some of my top favorites!



M523- I’m going to use this to contour, but it would also be great for blush. It’s a flat dome brush, and the shape makes it super versatile


E14- This will be rad for cream color, or laying down a cream base or primer, like MAC paint pots, or Maybelline color tattoos!  It’s a bit rounded and very dense!!


E45- Concealer. Nuf said.


M438-I’m so stinking excited for this brush. I’m going to use her for setting the under eye. With the tapered point, it’s perfect for that!!


M501- Whoa nelly.. if you watch YouTube… or are YouTube obsessed like me, you’ve heard of this brush. She shall be my highlighter brush. I cannot contain my excitement for this brush!!


E39-Detailer brush. I have needed one of these for a long time. Great for adding highlights to the inner corners of the eye, or doing detail work under the lower lash line.


M435- Blush,  contour or bronzer. Doesn’t matter, she’s beautiful. Nuf said.


Ok guys… I told you. I may have gone crazy…and this isn’t even all the brushes that I bought (post would be too long), but to be honest, I loved EVERY MOMENT of being in that store. I got some other MORPHE products, but those are going to need a post all their own.

I didn’t pay more then $15 on a single brush. Some of the brushes I bought were like $3. THAT’S INSANE!!! That price for the quality… top notch. When I went, the Elite Brushes were 60% off because they are about to launch some new ones. Regardless, The most expensive brush that I saw was like $23 and that was for a HUGE powder brush! At Mac, the small shadow brushes are $25-30.

Needless to say, you need good brushes to have a great makeup application. So much can go wrong if you have crappy brushes. Trust me, I used an old brush on Sunday… and I ended up taking off my Eyeshadow and just going to church with nothing.  Ruined.  And that’s just not cool.  I put that brush in a time out, in the garbage can.


Go check out their website! There’s SO MUCH STUFF!!!! I go on there and browse and dream about when I have billions of dollars and I can just order everything they have. It’s true. I think like that.

Leave me a comment if you already have some MORPHE in your life, I want to know what brushes you love! And what else I need to get! haha don’t tell Crossfit!..

Bye friends, ’til next time!!!

I just found a chocolate chip on my pj pants…and I ate it.  No shame.  Wait, was I supposed to hashtag that? Who knows.



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  • Reply Amanda Turley July 8, 2016 at 4:22 am

    Oh how I love you friend!!!!! I have not experience morphe brushes and now I think I need!

    • Reply frecklyme July 14, 2016 at 6:49 pm

      you totally do!!!!!!! omg if you went there you would die! makeup lovers UNITE!!! love you lady pants!

  • Reply Liz G. July 8, 2016 at 2:10 am

    Can’t wait to try MORPHE! I had never heard of them.

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