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Princess Teeth

January 14, 2016

OK guys.  I know I’ve been slacking, but you know it was Christmas, and then New Years…..then I needed to lie on my couch and just.. idk think about something else beside how much I wanted some more Oreos.

I guess my New Years resolution is the same as everyone! Be more healthy! Get a summer beach body….Although, we had Chik-Fil-A three times this week .  Soooooo…… I’m starting next week.

Although, it’s not my fault; I also started Crossfit (will make a post about that!)  so I’m freaking hungry all the time! After every stupid workout, I feel like I’m going to run ravaged though the streets like some reverse zombie and steal whatever food people have on them.

Ugh. Anyways, enough rambling.  I do have a point to this story.

My beautiful Livi had to get some dental work done, which sucks!  When she was smaller, before Charlotte was around.. Livi fell at Home Depot onto some metal stairs and chipped her front 2 teeth. It wasn’t so bad at first but then the chips got cavities and the holes started to grow.

We left it for a while till it was super noticeable. Livi never said anything about them.. no pain, no discomfort.  So we thought we’d just take her in when we get her on our dental plan. Well, it got to the point where the teeth were looking worse and worse. Her excessive amounts of lipstick didn’t help the situation.

This is typically what Livi looks like.  HAHAHA!  Isn’t she awesome?


But here you can see her teeth are starting to get worse.IMG_4282

And here…. you really see it…the cavities had gotten pretty bad, plaque building up, gums getting pissed.  Needless to say, it was time to get it fixed.IMG_0638

Now, we took Livi in to the dentist about 9 months before this picture.  We took her to a place close to my house. They gave her the drink, which they made her choke down. But I get it. I mean, the drink tastes friggin awful, and then they waited an hour and took her back… without us. They said no parents, which creeped me out. I figured it would be fine because when they took her from me she was all loopy and being hilarious! But not 15 minutes later, the Dentist comes out saying they weren’t able to proceed because she wasn’t settling down and wouldn’t stop crying.  That’s when I could hear her scream cry.  The Dentist said I could come back and try and soothe her, though I was sure it wasn’t going to work.

So I went back.

I could hear her the whole way back… I walk into the room and OMG. She was strapped down to the chair. Papoosed. I’m not a fan of that, nor did I know they were going to do that. She’s strapped down screaming crying.   I walk up to her and touch her hand, and it was so weird, I just didn’t feel her, like she wasn’t there. It was creepy. I went up to look into her eyes which were opened and filled with tears, but she wasn’t there; wasn’t responding to me at all. I stood there for a minute trying to console her but it just wasn’t going to happen. She wasn’t ready and now neither was I. I will never forget seeing her in there. It’s making me tear up now just thinking about putting her though that.

We hoped she wouldn’t remember any of it. And she did. So now she’s terrified of dentists. But we eventually decided we had to try again.

After some research, we decided to go to Kidtastic Dental on Higley and Queen creek in Gilbert, AZ.


We at least wanted to go for a second opinion, which was FREE I might add!  That’s when we met Dr. Steve.

This is when everything changed. He made her feel comfortable, and safe. He basically told us to wait it out a bit longer. He said the cavities weren’t rapidly worsening and to just wait till she was older and more reasonable. Are you kidding me? YES PLEASE!

So fast forward to just about a week ago when we took the plunge again.  Trust me,  crossfit (my husband), and I didn’t want to do it at all.  We were still scared from the last experience.

But it all worked out perfectly to plan. She was great!  This was her letting the strawberry air (nitrous) actually sit on her nose. Luckily daddy was sitting with her he was just talking to her. We knew it started to work when her stories started to get super weird..


AND, there is Dr. Steve, below. The whole time he was calling her sweetheart and asking her if she’s comfortable. It was awesome. He even told her he bought her the best princess teeth 🙂 which didn’t go over this princess’ head.IMG_5072

Guys, it seriously took maybe 20 minutes for him to fill and cap her 2 front teeth. He even polished her 2 teeth next to the front ones and sculpted them a little to match her New Princess Teeth.

This was right after… hahaha



IMG_5096As you can see, she’s already back to her old self. Makeup wearing, crazy girl. But now you look at her and not her teeth.

SO, if your kids need check ups, go to Kidtastic!  tell them suzanne jorgenson referred you, and that you want Dr. Steve!

Have any of you guys been there? Did you love it? I want to hear!!!

Well i guess I’ll go put away laundry. But I really don’t want to so I think I’m actually gonna make cookies. No wait, I’m gonna go get some sonic ice. Either way, my day is packed with super important stuff….

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