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Sometimes you just gotta laugh

November 5, 2015

Last night I was lying in bed looking at my phone.. (I should have been sleeping but when I get to look at Facebook/Instagram uninterrupted… I DO IT!)  So, while I was browsing, my phone said I was out of storage!  I soon realized that I had over 1,000 pictures in my phone.  As I was transferring the pictures to my computer, and also looking at Facebook, ugh I need a life, I found this gem of a video. Feel free to cry laughing. Because I did.

Oh man. as I’m watching this now… tears are streaming down my face.

Sometimes I forget that I just need to laugh at the super stupid hard days and remember that my kids won’t be little forever.  I won’t have little hands hugging my neck forever. I won’t have those little lips kissing me and telling me they love me all the time. They are little for just a short time, and even though they can be so rotten (like when Lottie screams in the Costco cart because she wants more oreo samples..) they are just little girls.

They are my tiny humans, little pieces of me.  I need to remember to laugh with them, play with them, because my dishes can wait.

Now I’m off to brave Costco again… looks like I’ll be needing to read this post like 5 times a day. haha!

Oh the joys of motherhood.

side note…  I just found a half eaten starburst on my butt. Looks like I need to change my pants.

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