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Tarte Holidaze of giving : 15 piece gift set

November 10, 2015

Ok, you may not know it yet, but I’m obsessed with makeup, and Tarte is so amazing!

My birthday was november 6th, and my mama gave me this whole set for my birthday.  Like, holy crap… best present ever.. well, all makeup is the best present ever… and harsher punishment for parole violators, Stan, and…….world peace (who knows what movie that’s from?).  But you know, makeup is totally up there on my list.

Any poop,


3 boxes of pure awesomeness. You see why I am in heaven right meow? Just wait until you see what’s inside!

Let’s start with the small silver box.

This set comes with one full size Tarte Lights Camera Lashes mascara, and 4 of the Silk Amazonian Clay eyeliners.




The mascara I really like; it gives me really natural looking lashes, nothing dramatic.  I like it on days when I’m doing super minimal makeup because of how natural it looks.

The eyeliner is amazing, so creamy and pigmented, and they definitely have staying power since I had to scrub to get the swatches off my arm.  The kit comes with a great range of colors that looks good on any skin tone; however, the ONLy down side to these eyeliners is the smudged.  It just tugged at my eye and didn’t blend very well.  I ended up using a brush to soften the line, so I won’t be using the rubber smudged again, cause for real my eyes were like, uh, you’re gonna give me wrinkles.

Side note: I peed a little when I saw the bronze, I mean come on… (in excitement of course, let’s not get weird..)

Next, the Lip Set.

This set came with 2 LipSurgence Lip glosses and 3 LipSurgence Lip Cremes.



Sorry if the swatches look a little creepy… because I might be the last girl on the planet who doesn’t shave her arms, but I mean come on… who can be bothered?! I’m so lucky if I get to shave my legs, seriously…ask my husband.

All of these colors I love! I think they look totally radical on me and my pasty skin. I love the lip cremes because you can choose your intensity. If you don’t want it to be so opaque,  just dab some on and blend with your finger.  Want some BA BAM lips? Paint that baby on! I love it!  It’s a day to night kind of product. seriously might be my favorite part of this set. Bird lips approved!

Next is the big gold box full of Pure joy.



Ok, here come a ton of Pictures!!!

The pink box of shadows.




The Silver box of Shadows




The shadows are OK, they aren’t the best thing I’ve ever tried and used, but they are a good quality. The light shades barely show up on my pasty skin, but they made a good base.   The game changers are the blushes. They are amazing.  Like warm brownies on a cold day amazing (I might be hungry right now but that’s besides the point).

Then there are these..


Maracuja C-Brighter eye treatment. I don’t typically use eye creams, but after using this I am definitely rethinking my strategy.  When I woke up after using it the first time, my under-eye felt more moisturized and was visibly brightened! I can’t wait to see the results long term (don’t worry, I will fill you in!).


Guys… Tarte Burshes are so top notch, and the brushes that come with the set are no exception.  The long tapered white haired brush is used for highlighting. It creates precise and flawless application of highlights to the face while diffusing it at the same time. The other is a pretty standard crease/blending brush but mega soft! Love these! I’m stoked to have these babies in my collection.

Over all, I’m in love, and the price was AWESOME. On QVC.com this set retails for $59.94!  All this for 59 bucks!! The LipSurgence’s alone are $24 EACH.

If you love makeup as much as me or just want to add some new palettes to your collection, I suggest you don’t delay and buy the set!  It’s cheap and you can’t go wrong with Tarte!


Aaaah, I love birthday presents, I am in heaven.  Makeup heaven. If you end up buying the set or already have it, let me know what you think in the comments below!

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