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Vacation…away from my kids.

December 18, 2015

I ACTUALLY LEFT MY HOUSE!!  I went on a vacation with my husband, and didn’t take the kids. Mind you, we have never been on a trip without them. Ever. We went on a Royal Caribbean Cruise with some friends!

The trip was a big ol’ bag of firsts for us!

  1. no kids
  2. on a cruise
  3. staying up late on purpose.

1 and 2 were super great, but 3 was sometimes rough with the time change; plus, staying up late and getting up stupid early all the time was not part of my “sleep in until whenever because I always have to wake up early with my kids” plan.  Mama needs to sleep in.  Jeez.  Whatever, it was a blast!

Ok, lets start with #1: NO KIDS!

I know I’m being totally repetitive.. but it’s kind of a big deal when you make kids that want to be attached at the boob for their whole lives.  I know I sound like it was so great, and it was! But holy crap did I miss them. I didn’t think it was possible. It’s like they knew I was leaving so they were just 2 little demon children running around starting little fires everywhere they went, and then I leave and I miss them terribly!! Ugh, motherhood.

The first day was the hardest, I may or may not have cried when Livi face-timed me asking me to come home. Yeah, she knows how to cut me to the core.  But, once we made it to the Bahamas, and we were riding around playing in the sand….I missed them a little less.  Ok, wow that sounds terrible.. but you know, you remember why you’re there and… whatever, I’m not justifying it.  Sometimes, I liked being alone.  For Real. But when we got home they were asleep;  we kissed their little faces and then passed out! Then it all went back to the way it was haha!!!


For weeks leading up to the cruise, I started stocking up on motion sickness meds. Dramamine, Bonine, Sea Bands; I had it all. You know, just in case.  I had this thought in my head that because I’ve never been on a cruise ship, I would get violently ill and barf everywhere all the time  (if you don’t know yet, I’m 100,000,000% terrified of barfin’) so I was stocking up.  Ain’t no way I’m barfing! NOT HAPPENING!!!

Well we get on the ship, and it’s docked for a while, so I’m like yeah I can do this. Then we take off, or embark, I don’t know sea lingo, and I was totally fine. The wind blowing my hair, the smell of the ocean, a virgin Piña Colada in my hand.  All was right with the world.

Then it got dark…

We started rocking. Oh. My. Gosh. We were rocking! We would walk down a hallway and be pushed into a wall.  This may sound more dramatic than it actually was… but to me I was pretty much gonna die. Mayday, mayday momma’s gonna barf and die.   So when I started to feel dizzy and light headed I took some Dramamine. I maybe should have read the directions beforehand because it says to take 1 1/2 hours before sailing.  Awesome.  So I was gonna feel like this for an hour and a half.  Cool.  Anyways, we all went to dinner and I’m sitting there like, is this real life?  Anypoop, after that first night I kept my Sea Band on at all times when I was on the ship, and I was totally fine.

One positive to the cruise was that the food is included, so you eat ALL THE TIME! There’s a buffet open pretty much all the time.  Needless so say, poundage was gained.

Overall, the cruise was way cool! I would probably go on another one… idk. I don’t know if I liked it more then just flying somewhere and staying in a hotel. We will see! It certainly makes it cheaper to go see some new places!

Finally #3: STAYING UP LATE ON PURPOSE, or (just the rest of the trip)

So, we went with two other couples, and they are awesome! They were SO fun! We did stay up late checking out the different entertainment on the ship, eating second dinner, and playing Phase 10. Turns out I suck at Phase 10.

I will say this though… traveling in big groups is hard because everyone wants to do something different. Everyone thinks they have the best idea, and crud like that.  So while I would have LOVED to sleep in…. it just wasn’t in the cards. They wanted to get up early and hit the different ports, which I am actually glad for since I got to see so much.  So it was all good! All good in the hood.

Day 1: Nassau, Bahamas.

As soon as we got to Nassau, it was raining. Not a moment of the day was without rain, so naturally we rented scooters and drove around the city soaking wet, went and played in the ocean and got taken down by some MASSIVE waves… haha and then got harassed by the people selling stuff! I had a blast!

IMG_7616FYI, this wasn’t the beach with the massive waves.  I mean, I’m a sissy, but not that big of one.




Day 2: CoCo Cay Bahamas.

CoCo Cay is a really small island rented by the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. It’s so nice and clean.  There were more pictures taken but on a different camera (I’ll upload them when I get them, sorry!).  We rented wave runners and we went snorkeling, which was rad!  It took me a minute to remember how to do it.  Tristan had his terror face on the whole time because he, for real, thought a shark was going to swim up behind him and eat him.  I bumped into him once and he had a complete melt down! hahaha oh man.  I wish I had a picture of his terror face. Priceless.




Day 3: Key West, Florida.

Turns out Key West, Florida is home to chocolate dipped key lime pie…on a stick.  Amazing.  So good.  I think I had 2. This is where we went parasailing, which I hadn’t done in a really long time, so I was a little nervous,  but it was easy and beautiful. Ugh, take me back…(currently listening to Charlotte cry because I don’t want her to sit in my lap and squirm around like she did ALL NIGHT LAST NIGHT!)







Well everyone, thats a wrap. The trip was awesome. ‘Nuf said.  Though, I am hungry all the time now. So thats something I’m working on.

Have any of you guys gone on a cruise? I want to hear about it! Tell me all about your cruising adventures in the comments!

Also, its raining here today, so I opened a window.  Now I can’t feel my hands, so I’m gonna go warm them up with some cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I may or may not have already had a bowl of cereal.


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