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    Sometimes you just gotta laugh

    Last night I was lying in bed looking at my phone.. (I should have been sleeping but when I get to look at Facebook/Instagram uninterrupted… I DO IT!)  So, while I was browsing, my phone…

    November 5, 2015
  • Featured Style

    LuLaRoe Lover

    Oh LuLaRoe, how you have taken over my closet, life, most of my thoughts and, let’s be real, all of my dollars.  I became a Fashion Consultant with LuLaRoe over a year ago, when my…

    October 22, 2015
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    It’s Freckly Me!

    YO! Welcome to my blog! I am so excited to finally be able to type without a kid strapped to my chest. Any-poop, I’m brand spanking new at this blogging gig, wait can you say…

    October 22, 2015