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Guys I know, I know. You’re all like, “OMG what have you been up to?”, or “OMG I miss her so much wish she would blog more!”  Or not… just me…? HA! I’m going to spare you the details, but lots happening here… and…

June 24, 2017
Featured Makeup

Affordable Oval Brushes

Ok, I know I did a post about the MORPHE brushes, and now I’m coming at you with MORE brushes… but they are totally different (I can justify almost any purchase).. You’ve probably heard about the Artis Oval Brushes, that everyone is loving but…

July 25, 2016
Featured Makeup

MORPHE Brushes

Hello my freckly friends!!! Ok ok ok, I know. It has been a hot minute since I’ve been on here.  Honestly I’m over here like…. what the crap could I write about that a million other people and their dogs haven’t already talked about…?…

July 7, 2016